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The Betoota Hotel- Reopening Soon (TBA)


The Betoota Hotel was built in 1880s. It is the only buildings in Betoota. The walls were constructed of traditional sandstone and the interior has the classic Australian hard wood timber flooring. Keeping the structure a very raw and authentic outback style. Therefore the refurbished rural bush pub should give you the opportunity to appreciate its restored charm. The pub oozes character and has kept The Betoota Hotel’s original historical building elements. We are keeping the essence of a historic watering hole. This small venue will offer a truly nostalgic impact on you, which will leave you in awe. Come see for yourself on your own or with a group. The Betoota Hotel will be your known, and loved, popular rest point and tourist destination. Furthermore, tell your mates about us!!

In Australia you may find yourself wandering as a grey nomad, looking for a true blue Aussie experience. Opened seasonal The Betoota Hotel Outback Queensland is inviting, you can come in and say G’day to our friendly operators. It is your one true resting stop through Outback Queensland. We want to ensure you revive and recharge no matter where your end destination might be.

What we might have to offer in the future…

On the scorchers our thermometer can at times reach 48 degrees outside, so come into our cool and inviting pub, have a few cold drinks and feast on some good tucker before you return on your adventure. We restored the Betoota Hotel to offer you a genuine pub experience on your real-life Outback Australian adventure.

Consequently the Betoota Hotel is an essential stopover on your way through the Australian outback. We want your honest feedback and suggestions when you are visiting us. We want to make sure you always come back. If you are a local from Queensland, visit us on your road trip to escape. Find your own oasis within our walls, set among long open roads and amazing night skies in the middle of Australian Outback.


The rundown but historic Betoota Hotel had us fall in love with its’ charm over 30 years ago. Now we have devoted much thought and perseverance into creating something (we value as) truly magical in the hope that you will fall in love with it also. When we first visited, all those years ago, it was a real sanctuary of raw bush life and a relaxed environment where anyone might become your mate over a beer. We want to remain relaxed and accommodating because we welcome all guests from all walks of life, different cultures, countries and towns. We might swear, we definitely joke around, we sometimes dress in pluggers and shirts without sleeves. Please bring your relaxed, casual attitude and enjoy all the great comradeship Outback Australia has to offer. The Betoota Hotel Outback Queensland.

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